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Hello there! I'm Kara and this my website. I created this informative website as a project specially for Creative Writing, --an English as a 2nd Language and Website Development course. If you'd like to hire me, fill up the contact form found on this page. Below is my CV, along with some examples of sites and articles or reviews I've written earlier.

Graduated with honors from George Brown C.C
14 years of marketing and advertising experience (in particular for Electronic target audience)
5 years of website design experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated employee with a taste for facts.

Work Experience.
Creative Writing,2010 - Present
Team Leader
Responsible for managing a international staff of writers to match a multifaceted range of advanced goals and objectives.
- Make new records for end result, increasing production by 25% internationally
- Properly controlled consistent logs of project distribution
- Managed QA for worldwide creation over a sizable staff of writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in Portuguese
Exceptional proficiency utilizing extensive choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Costa Rica Airport

The Limon Int’l Airport is located in Limon, Costa Rica. The Tobias Bolaños Int’l Airport is situated in downtown San Jose. The JSIA is the largest... More on this site..

Easton MD

The Chesapeake Bay Marinas is an excellent place to go to where a lot of marinas are docked and where you can cruise, kayak, canoe and just have wet and wild fun with the water. Take a glimpse at this town’s very own wildlife, making this a perfect excuse to wear your good old long forgotten knee-high boots and enter into a wild safari adventure with your friends. Be amazed by this small town’s capacity to harbour... To read more click here...

Cheap Flights To Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the beautiful places worth visiting. The place is full of excitement with its shopping centers, natural sceneries and outdoor activities that you can enjoy. Having a trip to Vancouver does not need to be costly. You can book for cheap... More on this site..

Fukushima Japan

Other than that, Asia is as much proud with its technological advances. There are several countries which possess technological advances and one of these huge countries is Japan. Japan has a very good record to be one of the world’s leading countries in terms of technology. This is because the country has developed many gadgets and... Continue reading..

Haiti Earthquake Facts

When this movement is felt by everything above the ground of the effects of it, it is called earthquake. Earthquake is caused by faulting. Haiti is one of the counties that were hit by an earthquake. The Haiti earthquake fact is that Haiti was hit last 2008 which left so many dead people, injured people and thousands of homeless people. Another earthquake hit the country in the... More on this site..

Louisiana Tourism

The world had turned upside down when Hurricane Katrina showed her rage against New Orleans and the neighboring areas in the year 2005. The coming of Katrina unfortunately resulted in the complete elimination of tourism in the damaged places. Two- thirds of the city of New Orleans was submerged by the hurricane which led to the forcible relocation of the majority of its population. This relocation may have been either temporary or permanent. The University of Loyola and... Read more..

Manta Ecuador

Their port was also the entry port of the French when they arrived in Ecuador to get the location of the equator in 1735. The most popular sport in Manta is soccer. People play tennis often as well. Water sports are also popular in the city because of its location. Manta is adjacent to the beach. It also has great beaches along its shoreline. Because of this, the city was chosen to host the 6th... More on this site..

Mileage Between Cities

To calculate the mileage between cities, the first thing to do is to estimate the interval between the two points from the starting point or starting city up to the end point or the... More on this page..

North Bend Oregon

When it comes to climate, North Bend Oregon has a very humid version of Mediterranean Climate or at times, a dry summer version of an oceanic climate. The lowest... More on this site..

Parkville MD

Communities under the said region such as Parkville MD have moist sub tropic climatic description with warm, muggy summer season and a shortened, mildly cold wintery season. The list of Metropolis under the east region of the state of Maryland were the following Annapolis, Ocean metropolis, Salisbury and upper south and upper east of Baltimore as the former is divided into upper and lower... To read more click here...

Pittsburgh Attractions

Pittsburgh boasts its rich architectural and ethnic heritage. There are a lot of things to discover in the city such as its rich history, cultural treasures and the like. The city is popular for its unique wide rivers, bridges and steep heels. Did you know what Pittsburgh attractions you can expect to see and experience? The people in Pittsburgh are one of the several reasons why the latter is unique. The development and existence of the city are both... More on this site..

Quebec City Attractions

The city is the largest province and is also the second largest administrative division in the state of Canada. It is found 150 miles east of Montreal and the city has the second largest population. To enumerate all the fantastic places the city has, here is a list of the Quebec City attractions. Let us start with The Fortifications of Quebec City. From the... Find out more...

South Carolina Tourism

The second destination is the Hilton Head Island which is located across the border from Georgia’s Savannah. This tourist destination is also renowned for its beautiful beaches... Find out more...

The Dalles Oregon

The Dalles is considered as the end of the trail of Oregon. It is where the settlers had their wagons loaded onto barges and rafts then moved to Columbia to Willamette River’s mouth leading to the city of Oregon. The later construction of the Barlow Trail allowed overland crossings. The Dalles is strategically located in the geography of Oregon. Nowadays, this city serves as a meeting point of a large... To read more click here...

Waldport Oregon

It is also located at Alsea River’s mouth connecting to the Pacific Ocean. There are approximately 2,500 people residing in this place. It has a lot to offer to the tourists such as wonderful sunsets, panoramic views of crystal clear blue oceans and a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities and camping. A lot of sandy beaches are also the highlight of Waldport Oregon attractions. One of the most common outdoor activities that is very ideal for the... Find out more...

Waldport Oregon

Waldport is little town found alongside the inner coastline of Oregon. It is also situated at the mouth of Alsea River that connects to the Pacific Ocean and has a population of 2,500. Waldport Oregon has many things to offer for tourists like magnificent sunset, the panoramic sceneries of clear oceans as well as huge range of entertaining activities which include camping. Wide stretches of... To read more click here...

Water Parks In NJ

There are also fun water parks to visit that are child-friendly because for sure these kids aren’t allowed to jump into those frightening slides unlike the older ones. If you’re planning to bring with you the kiddos then Discovery Bay is the next perfect stop. This resort offers ladders with climbing nets, waterfalls and water gizmos that your child will surely love and enjoy! There... Read more..

Wawanesa California

Prompt delivery of service and immediate customer service response is the key in this business. The Wawanesa insurance company has their US headquarters in the state of California, Sand Diego to be exact. This company is also able to do business in Oregon aside from California. But this... Click here to read more..

Westminster MD

The favourable site of Westminster allows you to travel to neighbouring cities in no time. So if you intend to take a trip... Find out more...

Manzanita Oregon

Manzanita is along seacoast of Tillamook district under the state of Oregon. The said place is considered to be a recreation attraction settling at the foot of Mount Neahkanie, wherein according to a certain legendary story of the native Indian tribes the said mountain was the former home of the god named E-Kan-Ni.In addition, Manzanita Oregon is a nice getaway destination far from the busy and hassle lifestyle of most... Source of information..


Tourist arrivals continuously grow due to Russia’s provision of big business opportunities which tourists might not be able to get in their own countries. Apart from the economic... To read more click here...

Destin Florida Weather

Taking a trip to a place with a totally unfamiliar and erratic weather can be a complete bummer. So brace yourself for the weather change possibilities by logging into online weather forecast websites to guide you on what clothes to pack and what to expect once you get there. If the trip you’re planning into going would be in Destin Florida you might find it useful to know more about the all-year round Destin... Source..

Newport Oregon Weather

From the first quarter of July to the last quarter of September, there is limited rainfall. Weather Today in Newport Fall in Newport, Oregon is characterized either by grey, damp weather or warm, dry weather- or a combination of the two. Tourists will love the constantly pleasant temperatures daily until mid- October. After that, rainfall starts to come along.... Source of information..

Niagara Falls Weather

It is located in the borders of New York and Ontario in Canada. With the amazing view of gushing waters flowing in a horseshoe shaped basin and various other waterfalls adjacent to that, people will really enjoy the scenery. There are also... More on this site..

Weather In Vancouver

It is also the time for festivities and tourist usually comes to enjoy golf and picnics. During fall season it becomes quite rainy so it is important to keep your umbrellas handy. This season can last for as long as three months. If you plan a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia it is wise to first check on the weather news. For... More on this site..